1Borneo Part 4

I am terribly exhausted from today’s outing. Ah. I woke up early as I need to be in 1Borneo at 8 am. We (2 executives & I) were late by then as we saw the Sagajuta big man helicopter already landed in front of the Auto City. 

The big boss already giving out speech when we arrived at the concourse. Ha.ha. As usual, we were super-late.

And then everyone ushering the boss for the grand opening,eh? Actually i really don’t know where are they going, we were just, tag along. LOL.


Owh, they went to the Sagajuta office for the… urm, launching.

Then off back to the concourse for the token of appreciation session, where every contractors, consultants, staff, etc were given certificates, voucher, air-tickets … etc.

Yes, me. LOL. We were too lazy to join other consultants sitting, so we decided to stand with the 1B staff.

Representative from the monitoring & auditing division. We are their environmental consultant 🙂

I woke up early on saturday morning just for this! argh 😛

and… that’s about it! The largest lifestyle Hypermall in er… Borneo. 

After the ceremony, we had breakfast at Kingfisher’s then I’m off to pick Piare, Gugu, Piare’s friend & Ren up. We were driving around the town, Sutera, Tanjung Aru beach & off to 1Borneo, again. Had lunch at pizza as every other shop packed with people. Then Gugu saw this when we were in the level 2.

Gugu: I want to ride that Piare! *LOL.

Gugu was having  blast at Booboo land (Not sure whether I spell this correctly). LOL. 

When we were on the way back to the car, I came across this. Located at the ground concourse, next to M.A.C cosmetic & GUESS shop. Could it be something that I’ve been waiting for in KK??? 🙂

nyheheheehehe. Let’s not make any assumption. Let’s just wait & see. *grin*

Oh btw! I saw the document/laptop bag in Braun Buffel!! The one that i fall in love with when I saw that bag in the Buffel outlet in the Gardens! 🙂 ah. I soooo want that! 🙂


I will look handsome carrying my document and macbook with this bag. mwhahaha.

It is a Men Business Messenger Bag. It has a unique opening. I have google it & it is listed in ebay.uk

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  1. Anne says:

    Ida!!!! A new shopping mall? Wow.. i’ve yet to visit. It wasn’t up yet when I was in KK. Anyway, i’ve finally added blogroll in my weblog and I’ve added yours. Wooohoooo!!! Keep writing. Love reading your thoughts!! Awesome 😉

  2. anggun3 says:

    hahahaha yeah the latest mall in town! so-called the largest in Borneo. When u r back in KK, you should visit d place. not that bad ‘lah’. LOL.

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