Ushering 2021

Hey everyone! it’s 11.25pm now. 35 minutes more to new year 2021! I got nothing much to update, just to reflect on what’s been happening in year 2020.

Year 2020 to me, was a struggle.. a challenge – financially, emotionally, physically and mentally. The pandemic made us realize what are the most important think, and making us to reset on how we are doing things. I was struggling – mentally during the quarantine (I am still in quarantine for 14 days since my last contact with positive case person). Working from home, a good idea but for a long term, I don’t think I can do it. I need to go out to some place else to work and not constrict to the house. It’s tiring to tell myself, you can do this.

I am tired telling myself, this too shall pass. Yes it will be, but I didn’t expect it to be for a year, or so. Anyway, this year teaches us a lot and I hope 2021 will better than 2020. I hope everyone will remember 2020 as a tough and struggling year and because of that, we are stronger and better now.

I bid 2020 farewell. Wawasan 2020 as per what we used to sang in school. I’m glad to say, we survived you 2020!

Usually, I will go to my rooftop floor at the infinity pool to watch the fireworks. I guess with all the pandemic and stuff, I rather be in the room and looking out of the window for any glimpse of fireworks with sticky here.

Happy new year everyone! Cheers to health, happiness and prosperity in 2021.

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