Spin err-day

Let me tell you a story, on how i blew up my money during MCO 2.0.

A day before MCO 2.0 start, we were called for office meeting discussing on how to go about with work and all the restriction and sort, and how i am end up working for 3 days a week and getting paid for the days am working only, which of course pissed me off as again, 40% pay cut means its just enough to pay bills and left with just RM250 to spend on fuel, food and toll.

Anyway, because of that… i drove to decathlon and purchased a spinning bike straight away. Yes, i purchased when am stressed/pissed off. Sure, all the gym in mont kiara were closing one by one due to covid inspection, and the upcoming MCO restriction in KL and Selangor will hinder everyone to go to the gym, park and sort even though there are lee way given.

But i am comfortable working out alone, at home, following youtube for HIIT, yoga and of course spinning class.

So i thought, hey i get a deal less than a thousand for a drivetrain chain, 12kg spinwheel, leather-pressed brake instead of magnetic, seems sufficient when am trying to get back to getting active. I do wish i could afford Stages or Schwinn or even Pre cor spinner, but as i said… i am getting 40% pay cut and i seem to able to afford next to nothing !!!!!! Fckdkkckekd.

*breath in, breath out*

Here i am, with 800rm and wishing it’s a 8000rm-specification. But, yes, i should cut my coat according to my cloth.

Domyos biking 100

i wish to upgrade few component of the spinner to make the ride more comfortable: a saddle with gel/cushion.

Temporary cushion

Seriously, my glutes are in pain- not because of the workout but because of this stiff saddle. Ouch.

Second component is that the toe clip pedal is seriously annoying. I can’t even do a double !!! 10 mins towards the spin, the first half of my feet hurts as i press my weight into the top half of my feet only !!! Seriously fucking painful. I need to change the pedal to SLD SL and get a proper road bike shoes.

Toe cage pedal urgh ex

ahh. This is what you get if you bought the cheapest stuff in the market. But like i said, this is all i can afford now.

Yeah, don’t mind the pissed off vibes from me – i am just generally pissed with the whole situation. MCO, losing purchasing power, rm250 on food and fuel – perhaps i could do intermittent fasting or OMAD (one meal a day) could make me save a lot.

What do you think?


Okay, after two weeks of owning the spin bike, I have identified the pro and cons of using the bike.


  1. Cheap – for RM899 you can get to spin at home;
  2. Easy of assembly. Decathlon sent the equipment via lalamove. The lalamove uncle is kind enough to send it over to my unit instead of just dropping it off at the lobby (of course he was complaining that decathlon only paying for delivery so cheap for just RM20)
  3. Sleek & skinny. Black color with a hint of red (at the resistance knob and all other tightening knobs).
  4. Light. with just 12kg flywheel, it is easy to move around your house.


  1. It’s a 12kg flywheel. If you are used to the studio spinning bike i.e. schwinn, stages etc bike, this made a difference. The higher the flywheel the better the smoother the operation. The heavier the flywheel the higher the combination of resistance and momentum that you can generate during your workout. That’s how you can enjoy a more realistic feeling of travelling uphill. At least, the flywheel should be at 18kg to get that effect.
  1. Chain wheel drive. You can hear the chain while you are cycling, it mimic the sound of cycling with the real bicycle but sometime that noise is annoying.
  2. Physical resistance pad. Not magnetic system. Over time, the wear and tear of the resistace pad – the leather pad.
  3. Hard seat. My bum hurts. Got to upgrade to cushion seat.
  4. toe clip pedal. It’s very hard to do doubles. For advance spinner, you got to upgrade this to the pedal with cleats.
Yes my bum thank me

So, for a fraction of the price of the premium/commercial bike (merely 10% of the price of the premium bike), you can get a decent spinning bike, but with a few upgrade of course (tips: upgrade the seat and the pedal please). If you are in a budget, this bike is decent enough to make you sweat at home.

I did not subscribe or buy any spinning class at the moment, I search for the spin class in youtube, and there’s a lot of it you can get for free.

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