1Borneo Part 3

This would be another short post from me today as I am extremely exhausted & my sore throat getting worse. I can’t even swallow my own saliva. ah. Totally in pain the entire evening. 

Yesterday was even worse. During the consultant-client meeting, my left eye start developing lots of discharge. Definitely an eye infection. After 5, I went to the pharmacy to get the antibiotic eye-drop to relieve the eye & somehow kill the bacteria and/or virus. 

Anyway, nothing much happening at work today. I started off by doing some unnecessary formatting for my mixed development report. The client scheduled to get the final EIA report from me, in one month time. I got 1 month to finish it up. ah! I can’t wait for my first EIA report! I submitted my EMP report last month for the Labuan Project though. 🙂

Today, Jessie & I went to Devi’s for tea/dinner. I had my much-anticipated rawa thosai & mutton while Jessie had a banana leaf rice & mutton too. Been like a month since i met her, so we were catching up with each other! 🙂

Then we off to CPS to get my robitussin cough drop for the throat & she wanted to buy DVD. We managed to get plain sleeveless at Palm Square too. ha,ha. 

Since the night is still early, we decided to go to another place for a drink. After 10 minutes driving around the town, thinking where to crash & chill, we settled to Upperstar Damai. Ha,ha. 

I had lime juice & i guess it irritates my throat even more.

So now my throat suffering from masala tea, lime juice, fries & spicy mutton. Oh help!

Tomorrow I gotta wake up early as me and another 2 colleagues have to go to the 1Borneo launching at the site office. ah. The boss can not attend since she’s away, somewhere. 

Of course after that, I will pick Ren, Piare & her friend and we’re off to… 1Borneo again? LOL.

We’ll see. 🙂

I’ll blog about it again tomorrow.

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