The impact of higher fuel cost


I am seriously considering to change my current profession.

I am thinking of wanting to be a fisherman. I am DEAD serious.

See, dear government. You are forcing younger generation like me to downgrade ourselves. You all are just wasting money paying for our studies when the fact that we can not even survive with a degree when :

1. No minimal wages being forced in the country. So, employer happily give a minimal wage to us & we have no say on that;

2. Every single thing increases; fuel, electricity, food, miscellaneous.

3. More competition to get better job.

4. <more to add>

So yes, I am seriously considering it.


The blogger graduated from a local university with a distiction. She is currently working as a tree-hugger in her hometown & starting to feel the burden of the price hike.  She has to pay 50 cents for a chinese tea before the hike & wondering how much the tea cost starting 5 June 08. She is currently downgrading her lifestyle to 40% of her current expenses in order to balance out with the new structured fuel subsidy. Currently she is thinking of use bicycle to go to work, the distance from her house to the office is approximately 1.9 km radius, 5.85 km from Tuaran road & 6.57 from Damai road.

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