Fuel hike!

Damn! In a way, I STRONGLY agree of the fuel rise because we, the Malaysian are too spoilt with the subsidy. Come on, government subsidize millions of ringgit to maintain it’s current 1.9MYR/L for petrol and price of fuel in the global market keep on increasing over time. Currently (please correct me on this!) oil per barrel ices cost USD140 per barrel and drop towards USD123 according to AFP.  I know shit about these prices so please do not use this post to argue with me on the prices. I’m just voicing out my opinion here!

Official statement from the Prime Minister Department today stated that the government will ‘restructure’ the current subsidy plan which include in increasing the fuel price from 1.90 MYR/liter for petrol and 1.58 MYR/liter for diesel to 2.70 MYR/liter for petrol and 2.58 MYR/liter for diesel. This means price per liter of petrol and diesel increase 78 cents and 1 MYR respectively. 

Of course some will be given rebate, road tax reduction yada yada but that applicable for certain group of people only! argh. 

Lucky for fisherman & vessel operator as they are still given the luxurious subsidy from the government. They NEED the subsidy as their job dependent on fuel. So yeah. Good for them! 🙂

There are a couple of things that will increase such as electricity. Don’t get me started on it!

We can not just blame the government due to the ‘restructured subsidies plan’. 

You know, ‘don’t be part of the problem, let’s be part of the solution!’.

OK fine, the price of everything will increase in Malaysia due to the new structured subsidies. Inflation will happen (*hope everything will stay as it is! wishful thinking*), yada yada. 

So let’s focus on how to reduce your fuel consumption!

1. Smooth driving! The more you accelerate, the more energy you will use! Hey, it is the law of physics; force equals mass times acceleration. It is more into focusing on the inertia. A car doesn’t need much fuel to keep it moving due to the inertia BUT, if there is increase in the mass of the car (i.e. more things, people to carry), it will eventually need more energy to keep the car moving. so travel light! 

2. Shifting to manual transmission!

low RPM. better RPM management control. I don’t know how to explain.

3. Do not open window during driving.

You WILL increase the drag. refer to number one, the law of physics. 

4. Drive SLOW.

Again, refer to the law of physics.

5.Plan you route to your desired destination.

If there any shortcut from point A to point B, USE IT!

6. Car pool.

7. I’m too lazy to list down everything here. Here is one good article on how to save money on gas. 

I spend half & hour queue up at the Esso All Saints. EVERY petrol station, along Lintas, Luyang, Damai, Likas etc are packed with cars. Lucky I managed to go to the petrol station from AllSaints way instead of the main road. So when I queue up, there were 4 cars in front of me. 

Lucky! and I fill up my kelisa until the petrol spill out of the tank. I was barefooted some more when i fill up. So yeah, lotsa people see me as one silly, clumsy girl trying to fill up her kelisa.

but I don’t care! I got 3 weeks of fuel that will cost half of the new price. so yeah! 🙂 

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