I TOLD you so!!

OMFG! No one believe me that iphone 2 going to release within these few months. They will say, ala iDa.. the release can not be this early lah. dang! I have been continously observing & following up with their news & i KNOW so!! 🙂

Introducing… the 3G iPhone for half the price & size. WARGH!! i WANT, I WANT!! 🙂

Check out the Tech Spec here! 


Definitely added to my CHRISTMAS WISHLIST!! 🙂 *wink wink*

Owh, I’m so excited!! 🙂 dang excited I tell you! Jumping around the office now. mwhaha.

Credit to apple.com for the pictures 🙂

Do check out their hot news here, they are going to bring iphone 3G to 70 countries! They going to open up to SingTel consumer in Singapore. Hmm.. what about Malaysia? Will 3G iPhone going to come to Malaysia ‘officially’ & will be open up to one of the provider here? maxis? or digi perhaps? 🙂

Let’s just wait & see. 🙂 

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