Happy birthday to me!

Yep, I’m officially 23 years old.
Can’t blog much now, I’m at Starbucks City Mall, online & I only got 10 minutes to kill.

And I’m rushing to my bodyjam session at 6.15! Later!

11.06 pm

I just got back home. Phew. So much of workload today.

Anyway, I started off the day rushing to go to the office. Not that I’m late, but I just, struggle to rush to go to the office. eh? LOL

Today is the first day working in the new room along with another 2 EIA executives, we were pretty much very loud in the office, along with the other one brought his laptop & me bringing the macbook to the office. So, yeah. I finished up chapter 3 & 4 today for my quarry project. yeay!

I leave the office around 5.30 pm & rushed to the starbucks for a 13 minutes of ‘online’ before my 6.15 pm bodyjam. LOL. I ended up rushing again to the gym & I didn’t finish up my mocha frap.

I really enjoyed today’s bodyjam session. I think I have found my long-lost passion; dancing. At the end of the session, the instructor approached me & suggesting me to take up the dancing instructor position at Y & said I’m darn good at dancing, so why waste the talent? I’m seriously considering it! Besides having fun at what I love to do, I can get a side income! I can do a part-time at Y! yeay. He will let me know at the next session (which is this friday). So I’ll update y’all about it later then!

To all my dear friends, thank you for remembering & wishing me a happy birthday. Yep, I’m a year wiser; hmmm. My sincerest thanks to Kart, Davyn, Nathan, Azirah, Piare, Gelisa (Gosh she’s always MIA but still remember my birthday, thank you dear Gel), Sidd, Mahfuz, Cath, Sheby, Cynthia, Sing-Yee, Lene, Grace deary, Sumi, Shanaz (thanks for the early birthday card all the way from JB! muaks), Adamz, my cousin, Renaaaa, Dan, and so on. Sorry those name that I didn’t mention here, the list is tooo long but I really do appreciate the wishes. The thoughts that count right?

A special thanks for dear Jessie for the birthday dinner. You stuffed me with too much sushi! We had dinner at the Hana Japanese Restaurant, City Mall. Nice food, great ambience, perfect hospitality. I give 5-stars to the restaurant!

And, thank you for the cute pink peep-toe! You know I fall in love with the heel the moment i lay my eyes on that shoes. Thank you again

Pink ribbon peep-toe

I am SOO going to wear this tomorrow!

On the way back home, I was kinda raced with another black V6 perdana from the Luyang to the Damai highway. LOL.

Too bad, the great one totally forgot that today is my birthday. The great one always be the first to wish me, but guess not this year. The great one probably busy with the exhibition at KL Convention Centre starting tomorrow. Cest la vie. Can’t expect everyone to remember about you. Enough said. The great one only called me when I was at the Starbucks with J after dinner & thought that tomorrow would be my birthday & hoping to be the first to wish me. Guess the great one would be the last to wish me this year.

I’m kinda addicted to Stop & Start by OneRepublic, Touch My body by Mariah Carey, 4 Minutes by Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake & With Yoy by Chris Brown. Ah. Can’t stop humming it in the car & in the office. LOL.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. hiro says:

    Hi! Nice blog!
    Just wondering where did u get that gorgeous heels from?

    Thank you

  2. anggun3 says:

    hey hiro! thanks for reading my blog! 🙂
    My friend bought the heel from Vincci store for my birthday 🙂
    oh and trust me, the heels’ a total definition of cute-ness.

  3. K says:

    I’ve been looking for heels like this- can you tell me the brand- or where I can get them online? That would really help, thanks so much!

  4. anggun3 says:

    oh my friend get it from the local store here called vincci. I don’t know whether they have an online store or not but you can check the brand here: http://www.padini.com/brands/vincci/intro.aspx

  5. Sally B says:

    I can’t help but wanting to ask… Is there a fitness centre in KK that you go for Bodyjam session? I’m dying to find one that offers all those Les Mills workout program.. Used to be a die hard gym bunny few years back when I was still a member of Fitness First club.. So much for me to do once I move back to KK… Counting the days…

  6. anggun3 says:

    erk.. sorry to inform you this but yes, KK used to have those les mills bodyjam session in YFitness, City Mall but since the fitness centre closed down due to you-know-why, there are no more les mills class around KK. None that I’m aware of. I, myself still trying to find place offering this kind of classes in KK (which is almost impossible at this time). Perhaps when those mushrooming-malls open, we pray hard for those commercial Fitness First, Clark & Hatch centre to open their first flag here in Sabah. In the mean time, gotta go to those local-grown fitness centre.
    oh and brace yourself to the lack of amenities you normally enjoy there once you are here 🙂

  7. Sally B says:

    Oh drat… But i guess that could be a good thing in one way.. I was already fantasizing myself jogging by Tanjung Aru beach to shed my stubborn fats.. kah kah kah.. Let’s see if that’s really gonna happen..

  8. anggun3 says:

    hahaha well try jogging at the new Likas Bay Public Garden (bluek!). New concreted walkway, street light and a huge FUGLY orange building for those who wants to go to the loo. urgh.
    Anyway, it may a lil bit early to say but.. welcome back to kk 🙂

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