Monday blues, not!


After a long 4-days break, I can’t believe I love the monday workload. I know, I know, you must be thinking, what’s wrong with this girl, lovin’ first day of working after a long break & it’s monday? LOL. 

I do, I do! (making the voice of Lisa in answering Homer changing topic from the granddad to waffles in Simpson the movie).  😛   

Today I went to the Project site again with the boss, technician, EPD officers & the Project Proponent. It was a refreshing experience as it require the 4wd to go up to the quarry face to drift due to the soft muddy soil & a walk to the site as well. Later on, after breakfast in the famous Ngau chap in Menggatal, me & the technician went to conduct socio-economic survey surrounding the Project site. On top of that, we were asked by the EPD officer to check where the point source of gravity water used by the nearest settlement to the site. Phew. Finally went back to the office around 3 pm.

Upon reaching the office, the boss asked me to fax letter to another Project proponent in KL regarding the required information for the EIA. The email stated that I should fax it before 4 but I was told about it when it was already 4.06pm. LOL.

I, then rushed to the gym to catch up with the bodyjam session. I introduced to the instructor gym as it would be my first bodyjam class with him. His name is D, btw. (I can’t publish his real name here, sorry). I rawk in the session, again. ha ha. I can’t wait for the wednesday ‘freestyle’ session! 🙂 Supposingly wednesday 7.30pm session is for latino dance workout but the instructor would be on leave until saturday.

Tomorrow would be another interesting day, hopefully. Until then! I’m exhausted from all the workload & workout today. Nite! 🙂

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