I am still sore from last saturday WOD, and i think am down with flu/cold as i have been feeling one kind since yesterday but i push myself to go to today class. As usual, we stretch and did jumping jack, 15 squat, 15lunges for warming up. 

Then the first workout, 

15 touch toe

15 sit-up 

20 mountain climber 

20 burpees 

AMRAP for 15 minutes.

Die. My abs literally burning. 

Then we continue with the second workout: 

5wall ball -4kg 

10 dumbell press -4kg 

15 air squat 

AMRAP in 10minutes. I managed to do 6 rep. 

Again, am feeling good afterwards but abs really sore, and i have just rsvp for thursday class 💪🏼 


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