To those who are still hazy on which box am signing in for, and torturing myself to, its Fuel Athletics at Damansara Heights. I went for saturday class, yesterday and boy, it was a torture. 

But then again, i feel extremely happy once i get to complete the WOD. Its like my body releasing oxytocin hormone, like hoe you feel right after orgasm. Ok am excegeratting but yeah, i feel good after that. 

And I extremely sore the day after. It’s going to be DOMS day every sunday for me because saturday class is always more hardcore than tuesday/thursday. 

So what i did yesterday?  

We started with: 

20 squats

30 mountain climbers

40 calves raises

50 sec wall sit

100 jumping jacks

50 wall sit 

40 sumo squats

30 mountain climbers

20 squat

For warming up (shoot me in the head the next time LOL)

Then we continue with Annie:

150(50)- 110(40)-90(30)-60(20)-30(10)

Of down unders and sit-up. Daymnn.

—>is this the correct way to write it? Please help me. 

Yeah. That’s a lot of sit up in my life in 10minutes ever. Ever. Ever. 

After that, we continue with angie:

100 pull up/50

100 push up/50

100 sit up/50

100 squat/50 

I literally mentally unstable by 30 push up, but i completed it. Oh and i didn’t do pull up as the coach thinks am not ready yet. He ask me to substitute with dumbell shoulder press. I took 8kg dumbells. Worse decision in my life. My shoulder burns but i managed to complete 50. 

50 sit up is just a breeze for me, as well as 50 squats. 

I completed in 15.44minutes. Best feeling ever.   

Btw, am just the beginner here. This morning, i thought i have sort of food poisoning as the stomach feels tight and i can feel the spasm. Its the typical symptom of food poisoning. But no. Am not sick, its my abs on major DOMS. Sore to the point that i can’t do anything, i can’t sneeze not even laughing. If i do that, it hurts so bad. 

That is good news. My body reacting positively to the workout. But i feel demotivated when i stand on the bathroom scale. I gain weight 😭 

But when i read articles over the next, for the first 3 months ill gain weight as to accomodate to the muscles growth, and when i get enough muscles to burn calories, and reach the tipping point of burning higher than consuming, the scale will start to drop its number. I am just only reaching a month of crossfit (cries). 

I am praying hard for that day to come because i am feeling demotivated now, and scared. I don’t want to bulk up, i want to shrink and lean and solid. 

God please help me. I have control my  food intake, i eat at home most of the time, cut down all processed food. I am on balance diet, i reduce my stress level, my cortisol level. I sleep early and get enough rest everytime. Just that am not getting enough water to my body. 

That i need to seriously look into, and accomodate to 3 litre of water everyday.

And i need to cut down on sugary stuff. Means no more milky and sugar in my coffee. 

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