The Malaysian Women’s Weekly Cooking Workshop 2015

Last sunday, I got a chance to participate to the the Malaysian Women’s Weekly magazine cooking workshop together with Panasonic Cooking. It was held at the Cooking House, Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. We were demonstrated by the Dato Chef Fazley on 3 simple dishes namely grilled citrus shrimp, salmon pesto en papillote and raspberry chocolate cake using Panasonic’s premium steam inverter microwave oven.

Overall, it was fun. I enjoyed myself at the cooking demonstration. Met new friends, and I got a chance to meet the chef (I have to google him to know who he is first. LOL. I thought he’s a singer, then wth with chef thingy. So, being a curious cat, I googled and read about him. Yeah, I don’t watch TV much, and not a keen with local entertainment.

Okay, I think am losing the passion to write now. Let’s the picture speaks for itself.


The booklet/recipe


One of re recipe


Chef introducing and briefing on the microwave oven


My table, am at the last table 😛


My group trying to squeeze and mix the citruses


Working on the shrimp

10930079_10152541050201965_4552500059616924290_nShrimps before we cook it in the oven


Tadaaa… grilled shrimp in citrus thingyy


Second dish, we’re grinding for the pesto paste


Chef demonstrating on cutting the salmon wrap


Wallaaa.. salmon pesto-y


He’s talking about the cake in the orange skin


This is our raspberry chocolate cake yum


Me and the cakes


My friend asked me to take picture with him since she’s the fanatic fan, and, well.. am not. But here goes. and am not shy.


My cooking group. Glad knowing you all 🙂

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