2015 update

Hi.. It’s been a while since I last blog here. There are plenty of things happened to me earlier this year. some good, some bad, but it doesn’t hinder me or to stop me from my dream.

I was caught and a victim of hit-and-robbery case that going rampant in the city of Kuala Lumpur. It was a bad, experience and indeed.. a lesson for everyone. I lost my car, my purse in which literally my whole life is in there, my IC, driving license, cash, cards, keys, and etc. They roll over the tire of my car on my left calf, and I got bruises and huge wounds all over my knees and leg. It was a terrible experience that nobody wants to go through, but I managed to experience it. I was in temporary disabled, it was painful to take each step of walking and I have to use my trekking pole to walk. More over, I have to go to several police station,

And the worst part thing is, that am back to square one. I thought selling the neo, will get me out of the dreaded loan, and start afresh with city, but now that it’s gone.. I don’t even know whether I can ever afford to get another car. Yes, there is insurance claim and sort, but .. I am not rich. I live by paycheck, i save some and the rest I pay for the fuel, food, rental, toll, etc. I am literally the working bee in the metropolitan city. I never get anything from my parents anymore. So, why the robber never think of all these? Of all the pain, and huddle people go through just to get to live by, instead of stealing other people money and sweat? and again, I don’t put hope of those who doesn’t use brain, civic-mind and conscious, they are obviously.. needed help to understand what is right and what is wrong. And what is theirs, and others. and, responsibilities, and hard-work. Stealing isn’t just right. Not to the rich, nor the poor.

I am considered poor. I started from zero. I don’t have family wealthy to carry me throughout the years. I am comfortable, living here because of the hard-work.. not, was given to me.

May God forgive them, and blessed those who become their victim.

On the other note, for 2 years of hard-work, i finally get to reap the fruits. or at least, I FEEL appreciated. I feel that I am needed in the company. I feel that am one of the asset in the company. That reflected in the increment and bonuses. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. It took me, 3 times to actually look at the new figure. and I cried, on my way back home, because I never in my working life, to get this kind of ‘big jump’. My previous company, gave me 200 increment, and they are making me feel like I OWE them my life. I have to pay/ top-up to my own money to go to the company trip (in which in the end, I decline.. because am leaving anyway).

So, am very thankful to God, for giving me hope and effort to be better in the future. I will be more competent Landscape Architect and I will prove that starting this year.

Oh, I delay… bring forward my kathmandu trip to end of april. Guess I’m not seeing snow before i turn 30 then. So sad.

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  1. Hi girl, hope you’re getting well there. It saddened me to read what had happened above earlier. I was anticipating for your updates after came across your blog while searching for some infos. Do take care and I wish you speedy recovery!

    1. anggun3 says:

      Hey Sook Eng, ya am in the midst of recovery. it’s been like, almost a month since the incident and yet, i still unable to sleep at nite, should start training soon enough too 🙂

      do keep up with my blog from time to time, i might drop a bomb (jk!), i mean exciting news and adventure soon. u r regular in the running event? hope to bump into u :O

      1. Hi Ida! Glad to read your reply! Do rest well and let the wound heal before proceed for trainings.
        Ah! I’ve been reading the old posts of yours too! (do I sound like a stalker? haha) Sure thing! Would love that!
        Exciting news and adventures excite me! 😀

        I was quite a regular jogger (I don’t call myself a runner coz I run slow haha) in the past 2 years, last year was about 12 events but this year uncertain. Lotsa running events growing like mushrooms in this 2 years, kinda mata rambang to choose and not all friends would wanna join especially long distance run. Oh well, but I’ve decided to sign up Haasu Tasu Trail Run for next year! (dragging my 2 lovelies gfs haha) Hopefully the event still gonna be around till next year.

        I’ll be going men’s health women’s health on 21 March, what’s your next event? Cheers~

      2. anggun3 says:

        yeah.. am starting off training this week for the upcoming and first run in 2015. am joining men’s health run too !! well am slowing down on the road run and concentrating on the trail run this year too. 🙂

  2. Hmm any interesting runs to share? I’ve just sign up Ulu Langat Trail Run in April 2015. My first ever trail run haha Hopefully can make it back in a piece!

    1. anggun3 says:

      Hey ! Am not goin to ulu langat as am heading to annapurna base camp, but am joinin kemensah crazy 15km on 12 april 😁😁

      1. Cool! ABC is a nice place! Argghhh so many places to go with so limited cash. Haha Where’s kemensah btw? 🙂

      2. anggun3 says:

        Hahaha kemensah is just near zoo negara 😂😂😂

  3. Whoops! Thanks for the info! 🙂

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