Thirty is the new twenty

OK. This freak my out. Turning 30 is a major milestone.I will be 30 in less than 3 months. 10 weeks to be exact. There are few things that I need to do, or will do when I turn 30. Here are the list thatI can think of:

1. To experience snow. I’ll be going to Kathmandu and going on an exotic trekking to Annapurna Base Camp in a month !! I hope, to experience snow there !!

2.To purely backpacking. I’ve been travelling a lot, and some.. alone, but never backpacking. Will do, this coming february.

3. Work at my dream job? I am living and working my dream job. I am finally there, but.. not that feeling it.

4. Fall in love. I did.

5. Buy that expensive handbag or heels. Can.. coach counts? Or should I get Louis Vuitton this year?

6. Introduce a guy to my parents. Like seriously?

7. Go to a full moon party in Thailand

8. Smoke weed. hahaha.

9. Quit job, go travel and work in another country.

10. Run a marathon. Marathon means 42km. check !!!

and am glad that this blog is still around.. after so many years. I hope my kids and everyone will read this in the future. and a reminder/journal for my future self. iDa 40-50 years old would definitely laughing on her struggle to even make a decision. LOL.

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