2XU Compression Run 2014

another event, my second half marathon road run, and as usual, the hills really killing my knee. I can’t barely run in the last 7km. Oh well, time-wise, the worse so far because its at Bukit Tunku !!

But anyway, i managed to finish it. I didn’t sleep the whole night as i was busy outing with my cousin and an intimate birthday celeb, i continue with the 5am run flag off from the Botanical Garden, it’s Taman Tasik Perdana. Or whatever. I can’t seem to grasp the real name of the place. I’ll confirm with you all again later. Haha.

21.1 flag off at 5am, am the second wave as am just a recreational runner

10km take ages at hilly area

All the bad words start coming out from my mouth the long winding incline hill starts

Ini bikin sial

Goin downhill when your knees already injured is no fun

Another one to remind us to shush, as we’re running around the most posh and elite neighbourhood Malaysia. Macam Beverly Hills la kunun-kunun tu. Meh.

This is near to the KL mayor’s house. One of the peak that overlooking the KL skyline

The painful last 2km

Ok, sa dgn finisher medal

21.1km finisher medal


Okay, that’s all from me for this weekend. A very happy birthday and productive weekend, looking forward to working day tomorrow.

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  1. Mas Light says:

    Congrats!!! Itu bukit la paling manang. Uphill will owez be a struggle to me. downhill paling best kalau se. injured or not, I don’t care, I run down hahah XD

  2. anggun3 says:

    demmmm sa paling benci oh ni bukit. bikin panas. yeah, i can only overtake people sebab downhill sa lari, uphill mmg lenggang kangkung la hahaha

  3. I always love this hill eventhough it’s killing! Apart from that it’s kinda covered with trees. Heheh

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