Over the years, I have been blogging so much on the same topic, like love, home, future planning and so on. I am bringing you guys to the same topic I have been talking about for years, ‘home’.

I will be homeless again in a month time. The place, the little sanctuary where I am now won’t shelter me from the shine and rain anymore. I have been thrown out from where I am staying now for the reason being the main tenant wants to put her son in my room as the so called foreigner boyfriend will move in with him. Whatever.

I have been a good tenant, I paid my rental on time, I clean the kitchen after use, i barely use the living room, I always clean up the toilet after using it. I am the better tenant as compared to the other one, and yet, I am the one who asked to move out.

Whatever lah. It’s her decision. She gave me a month notice to move out. The thing with in transition is that, my mind will never be at ease, never be in peace.

I am sad, stressed, and I will be homeless soon *cries*

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