Hasuu Tasu 25k Trail Run 2014 – Registration

Hi everyone !! Am back home again this weekend, not for raya but for the most awaited event of the year, the Hasuu Tasu 25k Trail Run 2014.

I took the morning flight, tucked in my Pisang tee, H&M quarter pants & my newton shoes, i walked swiftly carrying my colorful Herschel bagpack & my cabin bag.

Little did i expected that the flight is full of the TMBT runner. All gear up with their big backpack, finisher tee: sundown la, Lantau, PD Trialthlon, last year TMBT 100K finisher tee. I feel like putting my head inside my bag. Hahahaha. And am wearing my Pisang Relay tee. What a joke.

Anyway, i keep my head high & took the seat quietly. I sat next to another 100k participant. Ahhh. Stress. He asked me, am i running for TMBT. I said yes. Then he asked again, for how many k? I said, am just participating in the 25k, then i asked, what about you? He said,100k. Then i simply said, that’s hardcore, and the conversation ends

My mom picked me up and i went back home to have lunch with my parents. Then i drove myself to Pacific Sutera to collect my bib & officially register with em. They gave me the unremoveable electronic tag place on my wrist, to ensure i’m the one running that day, and not substituting for somebody else. Cool eh.

I saw many people, and being the introvert me, i quietly walked in and oht without anyone seeing me.
The background thingy & my chip/tag on the wrist.
Signing the waiver & indemnity form & the board showing name list & the race data & information.

Am very scared of this run. Not that am not unprepared, but just scarily excited.

Let’s have a look on what am going to bring. I am no pro but i want to come prepared. I got to work the next day.

Brooks Cascadia 9, camelbak 1.5L dart, event tee, Nike Wind Jacket, 2XU compression tights, Nike white cap, Sunblock, Coleman emergency blanket, Garmin Fenix 2 with HB strap, K-Tape, Deep Heat, Shotz electrolytes, Energy gels, Ibuprofen, Perskindol Swiss Therapeutic & Cool Gel.

To all TMBT & Hasuu Tasu runners, good luck. Holler me if you see me running/walking.

See you guys this sunday! 😁

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