Xterra World Championship 2014 Malaysia

I participated, in another year for Xterra trail run. well, it’s quite challenging as they are introducing new route, different route for each categories for this year.

I was a bit bored when 11km last year trail run, require you to run 2 loops of 5.5km route. This year, it’s the whole new route. They included in about 30-40% Tarmac route (which I hate, because am wearing my vibram fivefingers), and have to go through few tunnels.

Let the pictures speak for itself. Overall, am happy to return to another international event in Malaysia (without having those mass runners when bottleneck happened when you are running with another 30K of people in the same route).


20140504-081626 pm.jpg
This year trail run finisher. Same as last year :p

20140504-082031 pm.jpg
11km flag off around 7.15am. I givr myself timeline of 2 hours for this run. I was more than 2 hours last year LOL

20140504-082259 pm.jpg
Flourecent orange event tee! I like.

20140504-082453 pm.jpg
Everybody refuse to enter the first mud

20140504-082751 pm.jpg
Same lake-side route

20140504-083131 pm.jpg
Entering grassland

20140504-083208 pm.jpg
Entering wasteland.. rocky hill

20140504-083307 pm.jpg
another view of the rocky hill wasteland

20140504-083416 pm.jpg
nice huh, to climb up here 🙂

20140504-083514 pm.jpg
Dare to climb n run up & down of this?

20140504-083744 pm.jpg
Love this view.

20140504-084126 pm.jpg
We have to go through those fell trees. I hope the tree fell not on purpose, or else it would be a shame.

20140504-084918 pm.jpg
we went through thr palm oil fringe

20140504-085703 pm.jpg
entering tunnels. 3 of em.

20140504-085845 pm.jpg
The route that i hate the most !! almost 45 degrees incline, 2 hilly route of these. Arse.

20140504-090033 pm.jpg
Entering Precinct 5, crossing over the Putrajaya Challenge Park

20140504-090210 pm.jpg
Another much hated: staircase

20140504-090325 pm.jpg
Met Justina at the checkpoint 🙂

20140504-090416 pm.jpg
Goin down confusing route, ikut parit. ahahaha. Told d guy in front of me, we paid expensive to go through the drain. He said, ya, kasut & baju mahal2 but lari dalam longkang. LOL.

20140504-090633 pm.jpg
Finally we did it !

20140504-090731 pm.jpg
While the wife giving out ribbon at the checkpoint, thr husband completed the 11km strong! it’s nice to see u again Peter !

20140504-090922 pm.jpg
same crowd 2013 & 2014 xterra. Next year kita 22km ya doctor?

20140504-091039 pm.jpg
Chillin at the pontoon jetty after the run (And washing the dirt off fivefingers)

20140504-091249 pm.jpg
Look at our shoes. ahahaha.

20140504-091352 pm.jpg
all wash up 🙂

20140504-091444 pm.jpg
Then we chill at the one of the event sponsor, the bean bag Doof’s, and
sunbathing hahaha


You can read my 2013 Xterra Malaysia 11km trail run experience here !

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