Hello, am back in the ol smelly & dusty KL. I had a quick holiday/cousin wedding & its great to be back home.

I got nothing much to update, just that my concern on my upcoming trip back to KK in 2 weeks time, and i’ll br flying with Airasia. Airasia will be shifting it’s operation to KLIA with effective this 8th May 2014. So, sooo long to bus station LCCT.

For those of you who are concern on goin to KLIA 2, fred not!

KLIA2 is connected by KLIA Transit too.

Those fast train lovers, KLIA express is connected to KLIA2 via KLIA. Those who are from the city, you can take the train from KL Sentral directly to KLIA2, for just 33 minutes travelling time for just RM35*

*please refer to their official website for accurate price & time.

20140503-101651 am.jpg
am waiting for the train back to KL Sentral, and the express signs justify the now-operational route to KLIA 2.

Now, my mind would be at peace for my next trip back to KK.

Have a great weekend ya all!

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