Likas Bay


I was born & grew up here. I attended kindergarten at the Sabah Foundation, my primary school & secondary school located at the bay, my house is just 1km vector from the beach. I used to take this road to drive to work when i was working in KK.

So Likas bay is practically place that define me. and am so fond at it. U can see the best sunset here, apart from Tanjung Aru side.

When i came back this time, i made a pack to run at the newly aligned cycling & pedestrian track along the beach.

It was raining in the evening & finally stopped around 4.30pm. The place was in sombre mood as the rain just stopped.

20140502-122103 am.jpg
The track

20140502-122143 am.jpg
I thought its EPDM surface, but its colored concrete though

20140502-122328 am.jpg
Towards the end of tanjung lipat side

20140502-122434 am.jpg
Some site plan & information board

20140502-122554 am.jpg
Plaza & seating towards d end of the route

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