iPhone 4

Yes. I am being vain. I just bought iPhone 4 from maxis Queensbay today after lunch despite the never-ending studio work. mwahahhaha. Say hello to blackie! and say sayonara to whitey! Oh and I always love the white no matter what.  The white has always been my first iphone love.

Same goes to my first ipod nano white, and macbook white. I love all the whites. But it’s time for me to change to other color. Black is not really a ‘color’ but hey yo! It still sleek and the resolution for the black is the brightest and most rich in color.

The white and the new black (ahem.. pink)

Unboxing the black & reboxing the white


Ok maybe i should called it the hot pink since i bought the hot pink casing. heheheh.

what shall i name my iphone 4 my dear reader? please give suggestion.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. berry says:

    bloody mary haha

  2. anggun3 says:

    tq! I shall called em bloody mary then! 🙂

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