Weekend Picnic & Chill-Out

Been crazy busy this whole weekend. Party, wedding preparation (my cousin’s) as well as picnic at the beach. 🙂

Again, I planned for another trip to Karambunai beach. Oh for those avid reader of my blog, you are already fathom on how much I love Karambunai. We were chilling, having brunch/lunch and playing chess at the lagoon.

I prepared some toothpick-finger food and green/white jell-o, Sharon bought another yummy jello, Sheby cooked tuna macaroni & Cath making yummy sandwich too. We’ve got more than 8 bottles of soft drinks & other snacks brought together by Piare & Fui Lei. 

Combination of cheese, crab, sausage, cucumber and carrot:

another combination of fruits, Pandan chicken & hard-boiled egg:

and some yellow & green jell-o. weeee!

then Piare & I off to the resort for urm.. sun-tanning, swimming & sunset-chill at the bar 🙂

We did on some jumping photoshoot too, and this is my best shot:


For the rest of the day, we were just chillin’ at the Sunset Bar, having my mocktail, pizza & yummy vanilla ice-cream coffee. 

This is the view from our table. Heaven eh?


…and that’s how I spend my sunday. 🙂

again… some say it’s heaven. Definitely mine 😉

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