Papi, queiro mi nachos!

Ogie. I supposed to go out for dinner with P & G tonight but since I’m going to have an early presentation tomorrow, i decline. P is going back to Malacca this saturday so I might as well bring her to dinner. So I brought her to Rumba yesterday for some Latin and South American food and live music. 

My presentation to client ended up very late yesterday. Presented my slides to them at their new office at KK Times Square. Then I had the most, um.. sweet and unique texture of tiramisu at one of the fast food restaurant here (I’ll blog about it later).

Anyway, we went to Rumba Latin Grill & Bar at Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu. We were stumbled upon the menu and undecided on what to eat except for ‘nachos,nachos’ that keep on echoing in my mind. mwhahaha.


Finally we decided to ask for their staff recommendation. One friendly lady recommended us to try BBQ Quesadilla (was it prawn? hmmm) and lamb tacos.  I ordered what’s being echoing in my mind – the nachos grandes. 


The nachos grandes

img_3883BBQ Quesadilla 

img_3876Lamb Tacos


and what we had for drink? Daiquiri! a virgin for me though 🙂


The place has a very nice, vibrant latino ambience. Nice! 


beh! Next time I’ll go with my dancing shoes on! 🙂 

Upon entering the premises, I saw the blogger’s nite advertisement on their board. weeee!

Let’s wait & see. I shall be there when thee time come 🙂

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