Pre-raya jitter

I just came back from Bukit Jambul shopping complex and Queensbay. Finally bought my clothes for raya, and boy. I am loving it. I bought the mass production kebaya from BJ. Yeah, hopefully I will be the only one wearing that in KK, I bought together with the top, a cream corset. Awesome. However, I cancelled my purchase of batik sarong as that’s not the type of pattern that I have in mind. I’m looking for more Nusantara style, not the east coast malaysian batik. Sorry.

I drove to the later after 40 minutes running around BJ. I sent my neodize to wash too as too much of the bird droppings, ha, ha. I bought a modest, and awesome baju kurung. Ahhhh. I’m loving it. You know that I am quite conservative when it comes to traditional clothes. I love my baju kurung with the real cutting but this year I opt for a modern cutting. And I tell you, it’s butterfly and it’s turquoise, and it is also soft silky semi-transparent fabric and figure-hugging. Awesome! 🙂 But it definitely burn a hole in my pocket. It’s enough shopping for me, for raya. One baju kurung, and one kebaya is more than enough. Shoes, handbag etc? Ah, I’m going to use my old shoes/bag. The shoes and bag still looks new. No need to waste money on that. As of baju kurung. Well, I only buy baju kurung/kebaya once a year, during raya. My old cotton baju kurung looks so last year, and I only got two that I’ve been wearing all year long. Yeah. However, this year baju kurung, I don’t think I can wear it to the office. It looks too beautiful to wear to work. Seriously. Oh and I bought the matching butterfly brooch.

Oh I just realize that I kinda lose a few pounds these few weeks. Dope! but it does gave me that withdrawal, and almost fainted situation in the office. The great one thinks that my sugar in my blood is so dang low. Hence, the blurry vision, dizzy and what’s not.

I got to to go Chowrasta to buy something for mommy and also for my dad. Hmmm. I wonder what to buy for the house this year?

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