Anne Avantie

Okay, this is out of no where, but when I get married, I want to wear a haute couture kebaya designed by Anne Avantie. Yes. There. I said it. This is my statement, and I know I aspire you, but please get your own idea. This is my dream. My choices. and, what I had in mind.

Photos credit to Please visit the website for more information of her design. I just love all the haute couture kebaya. She’s awesome! She is the South East Asian Vera Wang! 🙂

P/s: Actually, I am still looking for my baju kurung/kebaya for this raya. Hmmm. Whos is in Indonesia to buy some pretty kebaya for me? 🙂 awww, anyone? I got the boobs and the ass, all I need is a nice kebaya and a figure hugging, awesome corset 🙂

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