Just a short update tonight. I just came back from Straits Quay again, was having a drink with my friend and catching up with her on life and stuff. Everyone seems to be working now. Prior to that, I had my sungkai at nurul ikan bakar with my fellow workmates. Well, was full to the beam, and rushed back and picked my friend up at her apartment at Sg. Nibong and boy, she said I am a careful but very agressive driver. Hahaha. I told her few funny nicknames given to my car, and one that the most funniest and bad would be, I can’t say it here. It’s too vulgar. Hahaha.

Well, I came to know a pinoy bartender at Hally’s. It’s good to chat with someone from the east. Ah. There were a bunch of white people/ teachers there too, they were her colleagues.I was checking them out but I wasn’t really into any of em, but owner of the joint wasn’t bad at all. He’s friendly, and very attentive, and of course, taking good care of his customer. Awesome.

Work-wise, I have to learn and read more on green building index and how it apply in term of my jobscope, and the dateline is next week. Ohmigosh. There goes my day. But I anticipate the days to come, I can’t wait to learn more and more 🙂

It is public holiday in Penang tomorrow, but I will be working. So sad. Most of the muslim colleagues are taking leave except me. sob sob. If i am taking leave meaning my pay will be deducted. It will be deducted from the leave I apply for raya. Ah.

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