So believe, I’ll do all over again


It was a productive wednesday. I managed to go to the meeting alone, without any supervision from superior. Awesome discussion with the client on the design and costing. I’m back to the office and I was beaming.

Anyway, nothing much to update today, just that I am still trying to hydrate myself. I think I’ve been drinking more than 8 glasses of water a day, and still the surrounding of my lips sore. My urine is all clear, means that I am hydrate enough, but the lips is still horrible. I’ve been putting lip balm every hour in the office too, and still. Maybe I’m not used to the air con environment. I prefer to stay under the sun.

Apart from that, I got to start exercising again. I feel lethargic. Ah. I need to shed a few kilos too. Urgh. The  bank called me today to verify the stuff. I hope they can process my application the soonest possible. Ah.

OK gotta sleep!

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