Cest la vie

Normally people would be estatic in getting their first cheque again. I wish it would be the same, but I feel sad upon receiving one just now. Not that I’m not being grateful nor too demanding. It is just that I don’t feel appreciated. If I was the boss, I would analyze each candidate their strength and weakness, and then offering them the appropriate amount for them to contribute their past experience and new knowledge to the company. Of course, company’s budget  must be taken into account too.

But, if i was given a chance to open up my own, I rather be selective in getting an employee and giving them to chance to grow with the company, at the same time, they shall be given the appropriate amount based on their experience and their performance. If being a cheapskate the whole time, everyone will come and go. You will be continuously, advertising for vacancy bla bla.In the end? Yeah, I know, as long as the projects coming in, the workforce can come and go.

Good plan.

I don’t agree with that. If you pay me appropriately, I will give my 1001% commitment to work. If I feel the otherwise, the work would be half-hearted. So there.

I though I’ve settled one problem. Guess I’m back to square one. and considering a big turn-over.

I feel like I want to disappear. Out of Penang. Out of Malaysia.

Please take me anywhere else than here.

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