Hey! It’s tuesday and I can’t wait for tomorrow. I got a meeting to attend at the client’s conference room. Ah. It’s been a productive tuesday. I can’t help but to smile while working on the design and calculating the preliminary cost of the design. I have to explain to the client tomorrow on how I cut down from 2 million to 500k of landscape development. Ha,ha.  Omigosh. Hopefully I’ll be okay because I’ll be going there alone, without any supervision from the boss nor even the senior LA. Ah. If the boss trust me of going to meet the client alone, means she think I can do it independently and/or she’s trusting me with the job.

I’ve been dehydrated since I started working. My lips is getting worse, the skin surrounding the lips peels and cracked. Painful when I eat spicy food and/or I’m not drinking water in 2 hours. Then how to kiss a guy? hahahaahha!

I’m at the point where I’m taking a oral rehydration salts. I hate those thing, taste yucky but I have no choice. It’s been 3 weeks.Ah. Now my checkbone is getting dry too. This is worrying. However, my chin and neck are so dang oily, and resulting in pimples. Urgh.

I got to take care of my skin more now. It’s time to go back to the top of the game. No more setback, no more people pulling me down. I need to go up on my own now.

I managed to visit the proton showroom too yesterday with my studiomate and my colleague. We were checking out the car and also on how to loan the car. Ah. Hopefully my loan will go through and I’ll be getting it the latest in 2 weeks time. It’s going to be awesome. A black, with full bodykit, manual transmission (you know how I love to drive, and the meaning of driving the car is you handle the car, not automatically the car handles you, if you know what I mean). I just need a car to drive me around from my place to the workplace, for site visits as well as going to a meeting. Finally, I will be mobile 🙂


On the other note, wow, I’ve been busy with work on weekdays and socializing on weekends. I got visitors from oversea 2 weeks ago, the tennis clan gathering last week and anticipating a few friends coming over this weekend from KL. Hmm.. at least it’s good then, I’m occupied with activities and I won’t feel lonely anymore.

In term of say, the other person. I don’t know, I don’t think I want to commit to anyone at this moment. I’ve been getting a lot of inquiry and all that, but none really tick me to really open up to them. I don’t know. Met a lot of interesting guys over the few months. I think i dated more guy in these few months as compared to my life in KL and KK. Oh gosh. Yeah.

Guess I will concentrate on my career as of now. and a PhD.

I should be finding my circle of friends too, the one that wouldn’t break my heart. Also, to sort my life out here. I feel like I should be leaving Penang since there is nothing for me here anymore, but see how it goes.

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