A heartbreaker


It hurts me sometime when I got an impression of being too sexy & sultry in my appearance and the way I carry myself. I was told I’m too sexy and that I’m a heartbreaker when I was talking to one guy in the club. That hurts me a little. Yes, I may be quite westernize in term of manner and openness but I still have my virtue. I still be able to differentiate between play and work. I do flirt, but harmlessly. I don’t flirt to break people’s heart. That’s just mean. I still have my manners to the level of flirtiness. It’s just that men presume me as that.

It hurts but it won’t pull me down. If I am that sexy and that intimidate you or that you feel that I might break your heart, then I got nothing else to say. I am what I am, and nothing can bring me down. I am comfortable in my own skin, who I am. I was brought up in a very conservative and a superior protocol manner, I am good for life.

You are beautiful, like a dream come alive, incredible
A center full of miracle, lyrical

yeah, it hurts a little to be labelled like that. But instead of being a heartbreaker, I am the one who got her heart broken, again and again. So in a way, I am presume as a heartbreaker but I am broken hearted by men. Say what?

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