2nd day


I always dream of working in the architectural firm since I was little. I directed my life to that. I am working in the architectural firm now, but why am I not happy?

I kinda miss my previous work colleagues. They are awesome. It may be just a brief of 10 weeks of working in the firm, I learnt a lot. I mean, design-wise, construction drawing as well as design concept, I get a good grasp learning from them. I thought they were mean, but they are not. They are just being in a team.

I know more than I was a year ago. I can do a proper project file arrangement, xref etc with proper coding. When I see unsorted folders, I feel whoozy. I feel so unproductive when I supposed to do acad drawing task for the day and I can finish it off in one hour. I feel awful, and down and unproductive in the remaining 7 hours. Ah.

I don’t know. I am being manja. I am shy. Segan. and not used to the environment. I don’t have friends. I don’t get proper instruction, dateline, rush. I miss my previous bosses.

I want to feel good. Feel good means good job done, being very productive and using up the working hours by, working. I snoop on the architect guy sitting in front of me, he were doing 3D bungalow house in sketchup and facebooking. mwhahaha.

I must be productive tomorrow. Must demand task to do. Must learn something tomorrow.

Oh, I think I can handle autocad architecture now. Can I learn revit tomorrow?

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