First to the second phase


Ah. Almost finish up spring cleaning my room. I need to clean up my thoughts and target too tonight so that I can anticipate and expect new adventures tomorrow. Wish me luck!
I went to queensbay today, thinking of buying the same linen pants from MNG that I bought in KL, its so sad that they are running out of my size 😦 I was sad. So I walked to F21 and bought myself a new mustard dress and a light blue jacket. Hahahahaha. Talk about shopaholic.

Bought 2 dresses from Zara, 2 pants and a mustard cardigan from MNG when I was in KL. ah. I am broke.

I need to earn money pronto.

I bought myself another woody white heels from vincci. Ah. I always wear those kind of heels in my previous life in KK. So it brings memory and I am wearing it tomorrow. Weee.

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