2020, Covid-19 & Dalgona Coffee

Hello. Bonjour. Marhaba. Ni hao. Ahn nyong ha se yo.

I know. My last post probably (re-reading own blog post), 2019 resolution. Today, 21st March 2020 and I am here again, updating ya’ll on how am I doing.

It’s Wawasan 2020. Covid-19 pandemic and Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia.

I am going to be 35 by the end of the month. I am still as I am, busy as ever (hence, no blogging and lesser travelling). Work shit got real. Senior landscape architect hold more responsibility and long hours working. Not that I am complaining, I am actually enjoying working and doing what I do now. I am not in the glamorous side of the job though, but I do learn a lot. I mean A LOT, and I am contented as ever.

Work aside. 2019 flew by so fast. I literally spending half of my 2019 in the office due to the nature of the project I am working on now. I can’t wait for the project to be completed and to be done with it. In the mean time, enjoying the long hours of working.

2019 wonderlust aside, I was in Kuala Terengganu in December for my lecturer’s wedding, Bangkok during Merdeka weekend, Penang a week before Merdeka, Miri, Sarawak for Gua Niah caving early August, local travel like Sekinchan, Kuantan, Desaru to visit completed project/company trip/birthday, and Hanoi, Vietnam & Singapore for project meetings.

That was my 2019, in one (1) paragraph.

2020 started with a trip to Perth, Australia in the middle of Covid-19 epidemic in China. I out/in Malaysia before the Movement Control Order being implemented, and during where the infection is still at infancy stage in both in Malaysia and Australia.

Precaution at the highest especially at the airport and where people congregate particularly at the tourist spot, dining and shopping district. I too, monitoring my health for 14 days (and more) after i got back to Malaysia. Thankfully, I am well, and still are.

I will write about my Perth journey in another post since I got so much time now. It’s 14 days Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia #stayhome to flatten the curve. Malaysia has 1183 positive cases, 8 death as at the time of the writing. We’re heading towards Italy statistics. The government to mobilize army tomorrow to control the movement as a lot of people still going out and congregate like nobody business.

Does nobody watch the movie contagion ?? R0 (R naught) value for covid-19 is about 2.2. Meaning a single person able to infect about 2.2 of others, on average ( OK, this post is not a scientific writing, please don’t refer this as a basic to your understanding).

Enough about covid-19, I am writing about this South Korean Tik-Tok Viral Coffee making at home since everyone literally staying at home due to MCO/lockdown/quarantine and what not.

It is so easy to make. You would need the following:

2 tablespoon instant coffee ( I am using Nescafe Gold)

2 tablespoon brown sugar

2 tablespoon hot water

whatever ml milk to your liking

ice (optional)

Mix instant coffee, brown sugar, and hot water. Whisk/hand-mixer it fiercely until thick and fluffy.

Dollop it to your milk. Instagram and hashtag it.

Remember to mix it together before you drink it. This is not whipped cream. You will taste extreme sweet-bitterness.

Dalgona Coffee

Okay, until then.. signing off

Day 4 of MCO. 10 days more to go (or more).

BTW, it’s March and I haven’t figure out my 2020 resolution yet!

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