Being 35

oh wow. Another milestone.

Happy birthday to me.

It’s Day 14 of MCO in Malaysia. I’ve been out for like, 2 hours in the past 14 days. Yes. 2 weeks of stay home. I am still sane, still rushing for work dateline, still occupied with stuff to do and weekend k-drama binge watching.

Perhaps, this misfortunate event is telling us, to slow down. To catch our breath, to re-align ourselves, physically, mentally and emotionally.

It is not bad actually. It is bad for human being, being infected and infecting others. However, it reminds me of the term equilibrium. The way the mother earth will re-align and trying to balance back the earth. We are over-populating the earth and the only species that create massive distruction. Will ever increasing pollutions, climate change and extracting more of the non-renewable resources. We are damaging the earth more than we realize, in the name of evolution / civilization.

This event also, reminds me of the survival of the fittest from the Darwinian evolutionary theory.

(after 1 hour of group video call)

Ok. I don’t know what else to write. Sleep well, hoping tomorrow will be better, and curve to be a little flatter.

Much love.


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