Cabin fever?

hey.. it’s day 30-something of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, and my sanity is at the cliff edge.

Perhaps this MCO made me to reflect more on my life. I know, I have this habit of self-reflection every night before I sleep, years ago! I think I stop self-reflection when shit things happened in my life, and am living a day to another without much focus.

This is good actually. I’ve been crazy busy with work with no time to spare on think and reflect on what am I doing. I was so obsessed with fitness and running as well just to keep myself moving and busy. And for the past 2 years it’s just concentrating on work and work and work.

Oh hell its sunday, and I am scheduling myself to hit my target to complete my detail drawings and I am scheduling by hours. Why am I here blogging anyway?

There’s so much to talk to, so many things I would like to share here, but I guess my blogging things going down the drain. I dreamt of my best friend when I was 23, when I just graduated from UM. I dreamt of the memories of us having a drink and watching sunset at one of the sunset bar in KK with a spanish guitar tune in the background. It was a lovely evening. I miss everyone in KK.

I know I have been away for so long, I lost contact to most of them. I lost contact to my penang friend and even KL ones. I guess it’s part of life, when you move on from one life to another, some will get busy with their own new life i.e. new families, new cities, new job-place. You get to lost contact to the one before.

I am just reminiscing the day where I am thankful for this life, where I feel great to be alive, feeling amazingly grateful to god for the all the good things given to me, all my efforts translated into results.

Oh well, maybe this is just the cabin fever talking.

Perhaps I just need to be at where I started and refresh, reset to factory setting.

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