Nepal Earthquake 2015


It was rather a shocking moment, Nepal was hit by an earthquake registered at 7.9 on the Ritcher scale and so many people killed in Kathmandu. I arrived at Kathmandu last night roughly 9.30pm local time via Malindo Air and settled at Pilgrim’s guesthouse at Thamel, Kathmandu. 

My friend and I made an arrangement with the hotel to book a bus ticket to Pokhara the next morning. We leave Kathmandu at 7am. 

It was supposed to be 6 hours drive but ended up, we took 8 hours journey. Halfway through the journey, we can see local people starting to rush out of their house and stand at the roadside. Our bus stop and asked why. We can see that the electricity cable moving and one of the porter translated to us that there’s earthquake. 

Half an hour later, the singaporean guy sitting next to me googled and said that it was 7something ricther scale of earthquake. It was rather strong. 

Indeed it was. So many people died in Kathmandu and we are feeling aftershocks right now in Pokhara. Part of Everest Base Camp is destroyed by the avalanche and we are hoping Annapurna Base Camp is okay. 

Please hope and pray for out journey. I have emailed my details and whereabout to Malaysia Embassy in Kathmandu for their information.  

Everyone came out of the building due to the aftershock in Pokhara.  

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