Under Armour Malaysia


The first time i hear the brand under armour is like a year ago, from my colleague. Basically, we were talking about military stuff, tactical stuff and Under Armour (UA) is the tactical performance clothing and shoes for US military, or some sort. We were talking about buying UA stuff online. 

Just months after that, i saw UA advertisement that they are opening their store in Malaysia! I was like, snap the advertisement and send it to him! Finally! Tactical stuff! US goods! 

Oh little that i know that UA here concentrate on mass demand, gym, fitness and running attire. Oh well. The commercialized UA not that bad. 

I went to their first store at KLCC and already eyeing on some stuff. Then they are opening few other store around KL. phew. 

Yesterday, they were having this event at the centre court of midvalley to celebrate their midvalley store opening. 


And today, i went to their KLCC store to get that long sleeve coldgear top for my nepal trip. 

  Not bad. I would definitely buy their stuff again. 

Oh how i wish they would sponsor me, i would wear their stuff everyday and featuring here on my blog. 

Oh how i wish 

#wishlist #underarmour 

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