Charlie bringing us home

Let me tell you a story on how am i getting back to Malaysia from Nepal. My story may not be hype or thrill as compared to the group of cyclist or the big group of trekker but we proudly say, we encounter more adventurous thing to get back to Tribhuvan International Airport.

We started out journey from Kuala Lumpur by taking thr Malindo Air flight last friday. We checked-in at Pilgrim Guest House at Thamel, Kathmandu and settled for the night. We took the 7am morning bus ride to Pokhara as our journey to ABC trekking starts there. It is cost saving to get guide/porter from Pokhara too.

So, 7am bus ride took us 8hours to reach Pokhara. We expected it to be 6hours but d bus taking so many toilet n meal stops. And one stretch, while passing through one village, we can see that the villagers flees from their house to the road and open area. Our bus slow down and everybody trying to figure out what’s happening outside. 90% of the people in the bus are foreigner going for trekking. Luckily, there are a pair of local guide and porter in the bus, and asked d villagers on what’s happening. He translated and explained to us, it’s the earthquake. While he talking to the villagers, the bus gradually stop. We can see the electrical/telephone cables shaking, and that explained the earthquake.

Sitting next to me, a loner chinese guy from China, based in Singapore googled from his iphone 6+ and told us the earthquake is 7.9 in richter scale. My feedback to him way, hmmm… Interesting. My friend simply told me, ‘interesting, kepala hotak kau’ (translate:interesting, your head!!).

We reached Pokhara late evening and checked in to our hotel near to the lakeside. We quickly settled our things and go out and shopping for out hiking-gears and hunting for our porter/guide. Despite the earthquake, we continue the journey.

Our trekking permit has been approved by Nepal government and we proceed to Nayapul to start with foot trekking.

I will tell you on the trekking to Ghandruk on the next blog post. So we arrived at Ghandruk that sunday night and spend the night there. My friend family has been constantly wanting us to go back until they call the Malaysian embassy in Nepal etc.

So the next morning, we trek back to Kimche to take the local bus back to Pokhara. It was a hell of 3 hours bus ride, the ride is too effin bumpy and am just like few mm away from the cliff, and the driver don’t have the intention of slowing down.

Upon reaching Pokhara bus terminal, we took taxi back to the tour office. We have been in contact with them to arrange for out flight back from Pokhara to Kathmandu. I have been in communication via email with d Malaysian Embassy few days before, and my friend has been in instant messaging communication with him to confirm on the arrival of the Malaysian rescue military aircraft. We need to get back to Thribuvan Airport by 7am the next day, latest by 8am.

Flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu has been inconsistently cancelled last minute, so we don’t want to take chance, so we decided to get back to Kathmandu by road. It will be another 6 hours journey back, without stop.

We finally get someone to send us back to Pokhara with 12,000 NRP, and arranged for 3am depart from our hotel. It was to risky to drive at night due to rock falling and sort, so am would be great.

3am on the dot we leave pokhara. Driver has been consistentky efficient in maneuvering the traffic. We’re are about hour and half away, Naubise village near to district Dhading district when our car trying to overtake the bus after few horn to request to do so, the bus swaying to us and hit the left side of the car. In the split second, we were crushed to the right side of the road. We quickly gone out of the car and the driver quickly taking the next car and ask us to wait there while he either chasing the bus or going to the next police station. The villagers came and rescue us and offer us hot coffee and calm us down. My friend to me, we can’t make it. I just say, lets just wait. After 15mins the driver came back with another car and ask the car to send us to airport while he will take care of his crushed taxi.

We were crushed to the right side of the road. If to the other side, car would jump off the cliff. The road is like winding up and down like going to Cameron Highland or to Kundasang.

We got bruises and injury on the right side of the eye as the impact was from the left. The airbag came our and luckily we were sitting behind.

We continue our journey to Kathmandu. It was devestating to see ruined buildings and everyone camping out at open area and away from buildings.

Some of the photos taking when am on the way to the airport

All becoming rubbles

Everyone staying outside, homeless

We have to go through the traffic jam to the airport

Tent being set up even at the roundabout

Then we quickly rush to the departure area and looking for Malaysia flag, and with found it. We were greeted by the group of cyclist and he usher us to the Embassy officials to register our name.

My friend assisted by the Everest paramedic on the injury from the accident. She got cuts near to the eye while i have bruises only at the same spot.

Malaysian Embassy official in Nepal, En Fadli brief us in our returning home. 

We’re greeting with warm welcome from fellow malaysians and glad to be back together.

We gathered some rupees for those who stay back and assist in term of medical support.

We have to walk to domestic departure as Charlie parked at the far end, and near to the domestic departure.

While waiting to board the aircraft

Walking to Charlie 😁 my first time to board the Charlie. 

Selfie lah. With Charlie and my fasta than a Sabahan tee 😂

Waiting while arranging for luggage and everything

Happy feet and Charlie While everyone bulking up and settle down  

Yep, another good view 😁

Not many people can do selfie in Charlie. Woop.

We transit at Kolkata, India for toilet break and to fuel up the aircraft. We landed at the new airport but restricted to enter the building because we don’t have India visa. LOL.  

They are taking us to the terminal toilet by bus. Lol. It was 2 hours journey from Kathmandu to Kolkata,  and another 6 hours from Kolkata to Subang.

Our meal during the journey home.

We were so hungry and we eat everything, and then sleep lol.  

Arrived at Subang RMAF base around 12-ish am and while waiting for them to return our passport.

It was one hell-over a journey that didn’t captured in the newspaper or TV. But oh well, it was like, the-i-could-never-ever-forget-the-action-pack-adventurous-journey to and fro Nepal.

I will be back to Nepal soon, to continue my journey to Annapurna Base Camp. In the mean time, i hope Nepal getting enuff help and please donate, help in any way you can as Nepal is a beautiful country with friendly people.

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  1. Omg glad to hear you’re back in Malaysia safely! Definitely it’s unforgetable incident. Btw it’s been some time I didn’t catch up from your blog. 🙂

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