Worse city to live

It’s been a while since I contemplate much on my life. I am still here, in Kuala Lumpur, living a life on my own. Yes,  miss having family around but I got to toughen myself, chin up and face the world. That’s what adults do. It’s coming towards the end of my so-called long holiday. My Nepal holiday ended abruptly due to the earthquake, and I have been spending time alone in my tiny room, just being with myself. Tomorrow going to start another new chapter of working life, not that am starting new job, just that first day of work after a long break.

How am i feeling? I miss Kota Kinabalu terribly. I miss the calming sunset, I miss the hospitality of the people, I miss being at peace. It’s tough living here in KL where you are constantly worry of the potential crime, of whether your going to be the next victim of snatch thief, or a victim or horrible accident due to other people negligence, worry of whether your car parked safely outside, or will there be any robbers or con-artist waiting to make a move on you.

I am tired of all these shit. Kuala Lumpur is the worst city to live so far in Malaysia. I am so dang tired of being careful, and being suspicious. No body you can trust and help you.

I miss the laid-back and peaceful life in Penang and Kota Kinabalu.

like, seriously.

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