Antipodean, Midvalley

I did blog about the best among the cafes in Klang Valley when it comes to flat white, remember? Well, Antipodean just open its new shiny door at Midvalley Megamall.

Good 👍 strategic location to capture more coffee drinker market. As usual, their menu would be at the massive chalk board & the moment the waitress came and inform me of the menu to be referred at the board, i simply ordered my usual flat white and egg marlborough with salmon. She was taken aback, as i ordered before i properly sit at my table.

Flat white with cutee bear bear latte art, and its almost 3D art !!

Egg marlborough with salmon. It was okay. But they overdo the eggs though (in depicted picture below)

almost fully cooked egg yolk, i prefer it to be runny & slurpy

The menu on the board, am sitting outside.

It’s like an alternative choice for heavy coffee drinker to get their dose of caffeine fix at the mall without having to go to the franchise cafe like starbucks etc.

Antipodean cafe located at ground floor next to the Delicious Cafe in Midvalley Mall, KL.

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