A Bucket List For Your 30s

I was in the contemplation mood this morning when am driving to work (and it’s jam in the smart tunnel). It got me think, wow, am going to be 30 next year. here i am, reading 

A Bucket List For Your 30s: What To Do Right Now

Well for me, this bucket list starts next year.


Kick A Bad Habit

I want to kick a bad habit of spending too much time on facebook. I should be enjoying life, as it is .. and not 24/7 online.

Procrastination is another habit that I would like to get rid of.

Visit Another Continent

I’ve been to Australia, Europe, and Asia. I would love to explore other continent like, North/South America, Afrika, exploring more in the Europe continent. and, if am lucky, to Antartica. *beaming positive light to the world*

Learn How To Drive
I know how to drive since I was 18 years old. So strike this off.

Take A Road Trip With Your Friends
I was hoping for a road trip along California Pacific Coast, where you start in Monterey, and end in Morro Bay.  

Or perhaps on the road at Amalfi Coast, Italy. Wind your way through the villages, beaches, and mountains of Italy’s most scenic stretch of coastline.

Or perhaps on the Central Greece, The winding roads of central Greece have captivated ancient kings, Olympians, Zeus, and Hollywood.

or perhaps on the road of New Zealand’s North Island with some of the most varied and rugged landscapes on Earth.

or.. the ever famous Route 66: The Mother Road, which helped spark a 66 renaissance in the ’90s.

Grow Your Own Food
I want to own my own studio or loft, where.. I’ll be growing my own herbs in the kitchen, and a hydrophonic and/or vertical vegetable planting in the backyard/lanai. 

Organize Your Life
The sentence speak for itself.

Read The Classics
I want to read, or at least to finish Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. 😛

Figure Out A Style That Works For You
Well.. am doing this now. 

Yes, am leading a busy life. but I wish, I could volunteer in any environmental NGO’s. Bringing kids for plant identification at the botanical garden, or any of those environmental awareness activities. 

Do Something That Scares You
To swim. to learn how to swim, and dive.

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