Cousin wedding


My dearest cousin, the one that i can considered the closest to me (even though we’re going on a separate way after form 5) gotten married last weekend. am one of her dulang girls.

20140522-105434 pm.jpg
my fav shot. The bride & her dulangs

20140522-105600 pm.jpg
The pengantin w/ their dulang men & ladies

20140522-105829 pm.jpg
Me & her

20140522-105947 pm.jpg
My henna art

20140522-110151 pm.jpg
Pelamin decor

20140522-110644 pm.jpg
The cake

not goin to post lotsa picture here as its a family affair, and i didn’t take lotsa picture cuz i was busy, well carrying those dulang & on stage helping.

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  1. Jack Leong says:

    apesal ur pics got one black dot somewhere on the right side middle? dead sensor? tu la tak jaga camera baik baik :p

    1. anggun3 says:

      Gahahaha i never clean my camera

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