Tiger prawn


My colleague asked me to buy tiger prawn, sew cucumber etc to bring back to KL. I take this oportunity to get the prawn for myself. So, my parents & I went to the wet market in KK (its called Pasar Besar Kota Kinabalu) and decided to get fresh prawn instead of the frozen ones.

20140522-111521 pm.jpg
Tiger prawn at pasar. Cost ranging from 60-80rm/kg.

20140522-111618 pm.jpg
There’s a packing service nearby, ask around.. They will show it to you. This cost about RM20.

20140522-111750 pm.jpg
My first dish, tiger prawn in d mykuali penang white curry noodle. fresh from the sea, i can tell from the first bite !!

20140522-111904 pm.jpg
Tiger prawn with french bean, shitake mushroom, carrot

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