Finding love in life, and a way back home

Hey there. I am on my flight back home for the second time this month for my yet another cousin wedding. I am taking half day leave for today. I managed to chair the second site meeting at the site this morning. I had my breakfast at one of the favorite Indian shop in jalan gasing that serve an extremely delicious chicken curry, and hot piping and crunchy roti canai, and the ever, sweet Teh Tarik that all Malaysian love.

I turned to the office afterwards before heading to the airport.

Nothing much to update, as usual the Airasia flight delayed, in merely half an hour from it’s original time. In the plane, I managed read (and finish it) Paulo coelho’s Manuscript from Accra. Such an inspiring manuscript with beautiful words on love and life. I won’t review it here, just to suggest everyone to take the book and read it.

I found the light in me from reading it, the Ida’s light that I lost, and finally found. The old Ida that full of lights and love. The book gave me the grasp of holding and directing me back to my old self. Which is good.

The book is so thin that you can read it in merely 2 hours. I have about half an hour more before the plane start making it’s way to KK international Airport. Or was it terminal 2? I can’t recall anymore because the last time I step on T2, KKIA was, Godzilla-century away ago. LOL.

Ok, am bored and this post is useless.

TGIF and have a great weekend everyone! I’ll see everyone back in KL by late Sunday evening.


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