I never cried so, so much in theatre like I did recently. Les Miserables in silver screen is certainly beyond any words. Bravo to the production. I’ve never really watch the stage play before, and never knew so much about the storyline. This is the first time am watching it, those it’s been stage in decades. I just awfully cried, almost through out the entire movie. Mind you, this is almost 3 hours of movie and you’ll be in emotionally roller coaster through out the entire movie journey experience.

The character that really touch me a lot would be Eponine. I cried and I can feel her character through out her entire play. From A Heart Full of Love between her, Cosette and Marius, to her love to Marius On My Own, till her death, A Little Fall of Rain.

I cried. Literally.

And another character that I love is Jean Valjean. He moved me from having the cold-hearted, full hatred to the most compassionate person. I can feel the warmth inside my heart when he started to take care of Cosette, in Suddenly till the day he give away Cosette to her love, Marius. But it really boils down to the Epilogue part where, he, completed his task, devoting his life in bringing up Cosette beautifully until where, he’s at the convent, dying, wanting to go back to God. Epilogue really, really touched me. I cried shamelessly. It’s so, so pure. So, *sob*

I love when Fantine & Eponine sings:

Take my hand, and lead me to salvation.Take my love, for love is everlasting And remember the truth that once was spoken To love another person is to see the face of God!

Bravo to the iconic song of  I dreamt a dream, Anne hathaway for such a dramatic & into Fantine. She owns the tragic Fantine.

I watched twice in the cinema, and am feeling of watching it again, in KL this weekend. What say you?

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