Short trip !!

Hello! blogging from starbucks subang skypark airport, i am waiting for my flight back to Penang tonight. Ah, I got a sms notification that my flight is delayed by 20 minutes yesterday, and I already checked-in before i even fly to KL. Oh well. Cest la vie.

I am here in KL this weekend for 4 days/3 nights for several occasion, to attend my university friend’s wedding reception as well as a client-consultant-contractor dialogue at the client’s convention centre. Okay, no need to mentioned who and who but whoever that have their own convention centre in their own township is considered a big timer client. So, yes, they are.

It’s funny, I used to be the sabah side consultant, and am dealing with the same client but am in the northern side. I met the C&S engineer that I used to work with before, and he still remember me !! i was like, yes I remember you too (just that I forgot his family name though). I’ve seen the same top management, and the person in charge of the projects. Oh well, but being anti-social I am, I keep a distance. Not a good move, but you need to have the guts to actually networking, and am still polishing my networking skills. 

Oh well. Work wise. I am doomed. There are so many things to do before my leave. Urgh. God please help me. 

On the other note, I’ve visited the board that dealing with the official that qualify you to be the professional LAA here in Malaysia, and seek for their advice for my case. I’ll continue submitting my application, and up to their decision to put me as grad LA or an associate.

Anyhow, not that I can be competent and sign by tomorrow innit? I need few years experience, preferably 5 years experience in the field, then I will be competent enough to stand on my own and stand for my design. 

Apart from that, the wedding was havoc. Gorgeous!! Masquarade-theme with belly and tamil dancing, girls in fur (imagine burlesque), and gorgeous setting. The bride-and the groom is like match in heaven, pretty and handsome couple. Wish them the best in the new life together. 


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