Hello everyone! Second week of 2013 and am feeling okay. Well, not really. I’ve been isolating myself from everyone. I had like 5 invitation this weekend for jazz, partying, hiking, swimming, tennis and sort and am just saying am busy. But the fact that I feel like spending time with myself. Alone. At home.

I did nothing but cleaning the room, toilet, doing my laundry, mop floor, cooked lunch and dinner, and retire to bed early. I feel left out as everyone having fun outside but, I just can’t deal with anyone this weekend. I received lotsa whatsapp but I only reply those important ones. I don’t update/check-in my whereabouts on Facebook nor updating any emotional status.

And guess what? No body care. Guess am insignificant to those I try to make them important in my life. Great. Now I know who is my real friends are. None.

Cest la vie.

Anyway, that’s that. I am forgotten when I say no. Or when am in trouble whatever.

on the other note, I will be in KL next weekend for my friend’s wedding as well as attending a dialogue in my client’s KL office. Ah. It’s going to be a full 4 days work/leisure then Tuesday/Wednesday working, Thursday is public holiday then another flyday of working (this most dreaded Friday going to be, ever!! And the most busiest in 2013). Then come Saturday.. and sundayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Guess what going to happen on Sunday? I let your mind wonder.

Mean time, have a great Sunday!

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