Balancing Work/family/life/PhD


It got me thinking. Normal people struggling to juggle between work and life in general. Those who are married will have to add up another item to juggle and those, foolish people like me, trying to pursue a PhD will be even worse. Four things to juggle.


I have to juggle between working, research, social life and family, and luckily am not married yet. So i save the headache of husband and kids (and in-laws).

But, how do you define and devide your time between all? Will you have a full concentration to all when you are juggling them in between? Will you get the best output from all? Or are you going to be half hearted here, and there? Just to fulfill all?

I don’t know. I am drafting my 5 years plan now until 2018 and it scares the hell out of me.

I won’t have much time to do anything else? When will i be able to travel? Should I be a full researcher (and traveller) and complete my PhD by then or shall I continue to be a LA and a researcher, full time?

I would prefer to be the later but how am I going to divide my time? My annual leave? On top of that, I need more time for conferences, workshops, presentation, and also, going back home to KK.

I only have 12 days a year. and the rest is, full time working, designing.

Ah. It really bothers me. I need to concentrate and stay on my schedule, so there won’t be any backlog or anything else.



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  1. Mos Ne says:

    5 year plan? Oh là là! Such a futurologist! :p Hehe
    But now seriously it’s good to have a plan. Reminds me of this famous saying that “a failure to plan, is a plan to failure!” 😉
    And it sounds true to me. But of course, it is always good to have some flexibility in the plans as we can never predict future and we never know what awaits us in the years to come. Perhaps identifying one’s key goals in life and then having several alternatives as to how reach them would be a good thing to do.
    Et voila! My last advice before I conclude. 🙂 (A great friend of mine gave me this advice and I find it so true; thense sharing it with ya):
    “surround yourself with positive people….people who make you laugh and push you forward…..”
    Good luck Ida

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