It’s November already!

Greetings everyone ! Yes, i have a free time again to write nonsensical things here tonight. Life has been good. CRAZY busy ! I’ve been working 20hours a day, 7 days a week in landscape architectural firm, and that’s how life it is then. I have no social life (I party less, every weekend as I’ve been spending my weekend in the office).  But the good thing is I get to do fun things, like.. designing a play ground area, or leisure park, elegant infinity pool as well as pretty outstanding sky garden.

Okay, enough about work. hmmm.

To be honest, I don’t have anything to update here other than work stuff because I’ve been … umm married to work.

Nothing much to look forward to, except for 2013 !! and the upcoming Hong Kong/Macau trip. It’s goin to be havoc !! My recent thailand trip was havoc too, and lovin’ it !! 🙂 Enough said.

I can’t wait to work on bigger projects, and to travel, travel & travel.

I do have the up and down in life. I’ve started thinking about the big-M commitment. It’s freakin’ scary. I guess it’s peer pressure, everyone around me is either popping babies or getting hitched. Oh well.

Bless my soul. chant, ‘ida, awesome, independent, travel !’

oh by the way, I rock the 2012 Penang Bridge International Marathon. Finisher yo !! 🙂


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