Thanksgiving !

Somehow the same question has been bugging my head for as long as i can remember, that what i really want in life? It comes down the the reason why are we existed here, and what is our task or journey in life. What type of people we’ll bump too and how do we interact and affect each other. Doing good in life, be kind to others, and live harmonily. But, what is your own personal goal?

Money? Fame? Love? Power?

I know don’t know what I want in life. OK, I lied. I know what I want in life, I’ve planned in a way I take every small step that leads to the planned road ahead.

However, the plan might change subjected to the situation. I might want to achieve plan A 3 years ago, but what if I am more comfortable to go ahead to plan B this time?

This has been bugging me days and night. I don’t know which step to take tomorrow.

I want to do this. and then it changed.

Life never been a straight road ahead. I am in the junction where I have to choose on which road to take. Each junction will lead to different destination (or another few more junction). As people said, cherish the life journey, not the ending.

Don’t ask me what I want in life. That’s one of the toughest question, and I am still figuring it out. I thought I know what I want, to find out that I need to reschedule my journey, or to take different path.

Wish me luck ! and god bless you too ! amen.

Whatever it is, I am grateful for that I had, what I’ve done and to everyone in my life, I thank you for crossing your path with mine. I am humbly thank you for giving me advice, positive criticism, directional idea as well as just being there.

Happy thanksgiving day 🙂

(no thanksgiving turkey to serve you all, but the heartfelt grateful thoughts and saying that counts right? and prayers to people in Gaza)

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  1. Mos Ne says:

    Happy Thanksgiving IDa. May God bless you 🙂

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